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My artwork photographer Rich Klahne will be giving a presentation at the Cambridge Art Association as part of the Third Thursday series. Rich does excellent work. He’s a real technician and you are sure to learn some tips:

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Looking to donate your artwork?

Posted By on Jul 17, 2013

We learned about The Art Connection at last night’s meeting. They are located on Tremont Street in Boston. “Since our inception in 1995, this unique gifting program has identified and catalogued original works of art donated by generous individuals and has supported local social service agencies in the selection of pieces that are meaningful to...

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RIVER STREET ARTISTS STUDIO click here for photo 144 Moody Street Waltham, MA 02453 $440/mo. 500 sq. feet interior space electricity/heat included OPEN STUDIOS/November non-toxic materials/no smoking co-operative duties elevator available/AUGUST ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! CONTACT: Sophia C Mone ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !...

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Julliette’s notes on Framing

Posted By on Jul 10, 2013

Frame Sources and Notes Framing – General Info About Ordering Frames from Wholesalers If you want to order from a wholesale supplier like Decor, Brian Roach tells me you have to have a business ID.  He said if you add a 1 prefix to your SSN, that works, that’s what he has done. You need a resale certificate. General Frame Sources Local Sources I’ve heard very positive things from multiple people about Hagop Framer on Belmont St. down near Mt. Auburn St.  I’ve heard his prices are very reasonable and he has a good selection and his tastes are very good. I’ve used Robert Warshawer in Lexington whose contact info is in ACT!  11 Tower Rd, Lex, 781-862-3834.  Runs his operation out of his basement.  V reasonable prices, nice. A-Street Frames.  Very nice frames and people, but VERY expensive, even with the discount they give artists.  Note:  They tend to finish the backs very nicely, so if your intention is to swap frames around among different paintings, you may want to ask them to keep the back more open. in Allston. Frame Guild of Rhode Island, custom frame studio, high end, hand-built gold and metal leaf frames, see my catalog, reco’d by Hillary Baldwin.  401-722-3860.  May be in Central Falls, but they may have moved. Other Sources Baker Frame Studio – (Oklahoma) 866-716-4405.  I like their frame styles.  (CA) Frame Wealth – Otego NY 800-524-8582 – classic museum quality exhibition frames at whlprices. 800-826-3139 Aljon International – Wholesalers – 800-533-4166 Decor Moulding – Wholesaler Brian Roach ordered most of his frames from them. I couldn’t find their price list on their website. Among their Ready-Mades, they have practically NO models that come in 9×12.  The only one I found that I like is SF6327 that is a 1″ gold leaf with a reverse profile that comes in sizes 8/9/11/12/14/16. Some frames of theirs that I like are: Their FR34XX is the style I’ve bought at Playtime often that is on Turkheim & the Rock Meadow paintings.  .  Their 12×16 is $15.00. I like their FR79XX which is a 3-3/4″ thick molding, gold.  The smallest is 11×14 which is 23.00. Their FR105 is very nice:  3-1/2″ gold leaf with the decorations just near the corners & the wide flat panel.  Like most of theirs, no 9×12 size.  Max size is 30×40. Their only floater frames are 10117 and 10118 which is a 2-step profile.  But they only come in black. Frame Source Recommendations from Others MCJ:  There are places where you can get good frames that don’t cost too much. (

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