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Closing Reception & BAA meeting

Posted By on Mar 15, 2014

Please join us for the closing reception of the BAA show “Belmont Seen” and BAA meeting. SUNDAY, March 16, 2014  1pm Belmont Gallery of Art Town Hall Complex, Homer Municipal Building;   19 Moore St, 3rd floor;   Belmont, MA 02478

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Minutes of 11/21/13 meeting

Posted By on Nov 25, 2013

Belmont Artist Association 11/21/13 BGA gallery show events – all felt they were a good thing even if only the artists attended.  They could be like “Artist salons”. Artists would talk about their techniques or motivations or thought processes. Discussed ideas – how to get people to come. – Artist talks – artists would invite their lists.  BAA members should try to attend. – Wine at opening -Chocolate tasting to encourage people to come to “salons” Salon each Sunday- 1-4, varying programs – should be listed on postcard and “check the website for details “ approx 30 members- December 15 deadline to pre-register 3-4 people per Sunday with a few “back up” people to fill extra time Christine will be using the website to promote the AP art auction items We discussed creating artist studio space in the town in the future – revive the kendall center idea. Incinerator site New dPW site Old Belmont Light building? ???? December 1 Irene Fairly will be in the gallery sitting for the current Winslow Homer show- come by to look at the space. Idea- each mtg have 2-3 people bring their work to discuss.  (Interesting plus would be good practice). Also bring postcards if you have them.  Put our faces on website next to images.  (if you want) Plein air painting would be fun to do as a group Dec 17- Xmas party at Belmont Media center 7-9pm  please bring food/drink (alcohol allowed) and something for food bank. The art connection presentation Places art in social service agencies where the agency has no money and the clients have no access to art.  Very appreciated – gives clients inspiration and hope.  gives artists satisfaction of having made a difference in people’s lives. Sarah Berry- program manager Five steps 1. Receive art images from artists and collectors 2. Agency applies 3. Site visit 4. Placement visit – agencies choose art from large selection. 5. Agency is responsible for picking up art and framing and installing art and thanking artist (artwork stays with artist until chosen) Artists cannot write off artwork- only supplies Artwork does not have to be framed and ready- the agencies pay for the framing Community colleges are part of this process now They are located in the BCA site in the south end 9 months to finish process only 3 on staff – started 18 years ago. Started in Boston but now many cloned operations, funded by Art Connection. see   Attendees: Christine Chang Erika Hartwieg Naomi Ellenberg-Dukas Svetlana Grinshpan Helen Morse Jane Wentzell Jennifer Dubost Kay Hudgins Linda Salter Chris Arthur Renu O’Connell (turtle studio) Julliette Carignan Kimberly Becker Irene...

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Meeting MinutesJune2013

Posted By on Sep 3, 2013

We had a good meeting of the BAA on June 13th, at Panera’s at Freshpond mall. In attendance were: Christine Chang, Erika Hartwieg, Sophia Mone, Chris Arthur and Audrey Beth Stein We talked again about many of the issues of being an artist in Belmont and realized that our discussion broke down into 3 categories: 1 Community – knowing the other artists in Belmont, getting together and sharing moral support and resources 2 Education & Information– between members and for the Belmont community a. classes, lectures, demonstrations – b. possible future projects: i. repeat of framing demonstration at A street frames (was fascinating and informative) ii. repeat of warren croce’s website talk iii. oil paint maker demonstration iv. group of artists to offer art class at Belmont continuing education 3 Help members exhibit and sell works We decided to set the meetings for the rest of the year, at 7:30pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays hoping that members will be able to come at some of these times. Please mark your calendars. Locations to be determined, but for now the dates have been tentatively set at: Tues July 16th Wed Aug 14th Thurs Sept 19th Tues Oct 15th Wed Nov 13th Thurs Dec 12th We will establish a bank account and ask a small membership fee to cover website and other incidentals. Tasks: Erika: Talk to Belmont Women’s club to see if we can use building for a meeting. Chris: Try to schedule one of our meetings at Belmont Library. Talk to friend about drawing up non-profit papers Sophie: Talk to citizen’s bank about getting display space in window and open bank account. Christine: Get together with Warren to build website and establish constant contact email list Investigate possible Display places: – Citizen’s Bank – Revolve – Antique shop in cushing square – Salon de Paris – Savinos – Stand at Farmer’s market – establish list of other...

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Posted By on Sep 1, 2013

Meeting of Belmont Art Association on Sept. 17.2013 in Flett room of Belmont Library Attendees introduce themselves, their art and are they doing “art walk”? Christine Chang painting – yes artwalk Erika Hartwieg, etchings –artwalk @ BAA booth Nicole Bernstein, photography and painting -artwalk @BAA booth Ann Katzeff, watercolors- yes artwalk Irene Fairley, sculture. Printmaking – yes artwalk Richard Hill, paintings, maybe legal advice Arlette Doherty, beaded and embroidered 3 d painting – yes artwalk Patrick Ford, paintings notecards  from computer Linda Ruth Salter, Japanese paint brush paintings– yes artwalk Arch MacInnes, designed our logo, paintings on tumbler Ian Todreas, watercolor, portraits – artwalk @ BAA booth Kay Hudgins , abstract/landscape paintings   Introductions of  above members and talking about their own art and medias and possibilities where they do their art, talking about Concord Art Association and possibilities of their courses and possibilities of shows Tumbler Website possibilities to show pictures, like Pinterest and send information where you have a show and how did you get it what sells – get tips from retailers ARTWALK SEPT. 21 8  AM  up in Cushing Square, in front of “uncommon finds”. parking at  the old CVS lot . Michael Harding demonstrations of  oil painting  thusday 24. Or 29. October Sarah Berry of The Art Connection 19?   Donation of Art for Institutions Christine using “mailchimp” for new email list Possibility of offering a series of classes in Belmont Community Education – led by different members – offered at the high school – why  and how. BGA show of art teachers works. show Friday 6-8 talk to teachers of High school. Tell them about our organization Framers workshop in Brookline, Harvard Str. $3.- with a coach who helps you to frame your pictures ,   reasonable prices Suggestion to have pages on website for resources and calendar of deadlines for various shows Christine gave demonstration and tips on making postcards with Vistaprint – 100 postcards for $10. – very easy....

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