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April 2015 meeting notes

Posted By on May 18, 2015

Members in attendance: Christine Chang, Dari Paquette, Kay Hudgins, Susan Kottler, Jane Wentzell, Mathilde Duffy, Courtney Sturgeon, Linda Ruth Salter, Dennis Kavanagh, Erika Hartwieg, Ed Wintner, Naomi Ellenberg-Dukas   talked about workshops and we would organize our own “writing artist statement” workshop will poll the group to see interest in other topics available Erika – library show for 2 months. we will also have exhibit space for august, sept, october. May 9th plein air painting Dedham open studios in old school – May 17th, $60 we will try to establish a bulletin board/list serve sort of thing. Courtney said the magazine “New American Painting” had good artist statements.  ...

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March 2015 meeting

Posted By on Apr 23, 2015

Members in attendance: Anne K, Helen M, Erika H, Nicole B, Dennis K, Dari P, Jane W 1. Erika updated the group on the status of the library exhibit. Entry deadline is April 10th. She said all pertinent information is on the BAA website, but I looked and couldn’t find it there! The information was sent out in the email dated March 11th. Erika said she has only received one entry so far and consensus was that a reminder email would be a good idea. 2. Christine and Dari will begin working on the yearbook. Consensus was that it should be called “Belmont Art Association, Volume I” instead of Decorator Book or Yearbook. 3. Helen has taken over the former BAA space at Uncommon Finds. Anyone who wishes to rent wall space for exhibiting their work should contact Helen. Two walls are available, at $55/wall/month. 4. Artist statements, portrait, and representative work image are due for the BAA website. Should a deadline be established and an email sent out informing members to submit their materials or forgo the opportunity? 5. Members are asked to seek out frame shop discounts for BAA members. Online vendors mentioned were: Art Supply Warehouse (, which has good prices but requires a purchased membership [Dennis K]; for pre-cut mats [Anne K]. 6. Linda-Ruth Salter is scouting for places for plain air painting once the weather becomes more conducive to such activities. 7. Dari and Anne discussed their work with the...

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Feb 2015 Meeting

Posted By on Feb 28, 2015

MEETING Feb 24th, 2015 in attendance:  warren, erica, nicole, christine, mathilde, dennis, jane w, susan k, sandrine, anne k, helen   – need artists uncommon finds april – reduced fee to $55 each wall. – savinos march-may – no fee   -nicole – intl museum of photography at eastman house – course in 12 segments history of photography – linda ruth salter – will organize the plein air sessions – erica will have a session to teach how to crochet beads into cylinder term kumihimo – braiding technique for beads – making decorator books – chat book, book baby, shutterfly, blurb. -helen investigating blurb – mathilde art critique.  –  cambridge aa concord – erika – cambridge aa – critique sessions of yore – got professional art critics rented space – apply as artist to see 3 judges – 100$ – session w 3 critics – bring 4-5 originals and slides – personal feedback. famous curators etc – “portfolio show” – useful – decorative vs emotional –  what is your goal. – what do you want? – gallery, vs personal expression – private. – – grants – summer grant writing party – coach – may – artist of the month. -erika and library – dennis painted and stained molding, handyman attached,  ready for our first exhibit –THREE  96” wide x 18” high – four 16”x 20  or wide short pictures with smaller ones on outside. Green reading room – six spaces 30” wide, 28” high april, may, june – framed sizes. max 18 pieces volunteers call to all membership – send digital images with dimensions of framed  –  else who wants to be on committee  – theme starts group show after 2 artists – one in green room – one in front. – uncommon finds – no jewelry – – catalogs – for belmont consignment. – sharon nahill – space to rent...

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