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“uncommon finds” (432 common street, belmont, 617- 484-1895) sells vintage home decor in cushing square.   the belmont art association will have some display space there. –          the store is made up of a number of individual vendors who rent space to show their wares. –          we have agreed to take 2 walls for $100/month.  (approx 8-10 feet each).  one wall is perpendicular to the window display and visible from window.  the second wall will be my display racks parallel to and visible from the front window.  i will hang fabric on it to make it look “softer”. –          for now, we will plan on having one artist per wall, rotating artists every month. –          it will cost $50 per artist displaying/month.  all proceeds of sales go directly to the artist.  the shop will charge sales tax which is also passed on to artist who is then responsible for paying it to the appropriate authorities.  if the customer uses a credit card, the store will deduct the credit card fee. –          each artist will be trained to “shop-sit” and will sit for one afternoon during the month they show.  weekend time may be substituted.  similar to gallery sitting, the shop sitter is minding the store as salesperson and responsible for taking sales throughout the store. –          the shop holds events every month, but we may try to add our own event to highlight the artists.  i like the idea of a “third thursday” event which would include the “spirited gourmet” wine store who does tastings, and the restaurant “kitchen on common” and other shops. –          we will not have shelves or tables, so if an artist wants to display jewelry, we can discuss with donata if they could take the display rack to hang their work.  the artist must figure out for themselves how to keep the jewelry safe and secure.   donata has other spaces available for jewelry as well, and i encourage you to talk directly to her.  helen morse will also be renting a small space in a display case. –          we have to figure out how to sell cards.  i can get baskets to place on the rack, but part of the issue is payment to the artist and how to keep it simple for donata.  we don’t want to add too much bookkeeping for her, as she will be noting sales for each vendor separately.   i would like to offer cards all the time, but perhaps it will work out that we offer cards only for the artist who is...

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Belmont Art Association EXHIBIT!

Posted By on Oct 15, 2013

The BAA has been invited to have a show in the Belmont Gallery of Art! It is up to us to make it a huge success.  Here is the email I received: ******************************************************* Dear Belmont Art Association, The Belmont Gallery of Art is pleased to support your membership by extending an invitation to produce a winter art show at the gallery from February 7 to March 21.  The nature, scope and selection process for work to be included in the show would be up to you as long as it meets with the requirements determined by the Town of Belmont. If you accept this invitation, Richard Hill will work with you on the logistics and gallery requirements. As a reminder gallery hours are: Thursday and Friday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., Sunday 1 – 4 p.m.  The BAA would be responsible for determining a date for a reception and if outside of these hours the gallery would provide logistical support to make sure the building is open. The BAA would need to provide gallery “sitters” for the duration of the Sunday hours. We hope that you are interested in this opportunity and we look forward to working with you. Yours, The Belmont Gallery of Art Committee: Viva Fisher, Richard Hill, Kathy Lobo, Rebecca Richards, Christine Sandvik ******************************************************* I am hoping that we will have time at our October 24th get together – after the demonstration – to have a chat about this.   We need to discuss quite a few things.  Here are some beginning outlines/topics: Eligibility – only BAA paying members with priority given to current members of the BAA (as of today) and second priority to members joining before a certain date (dec 1?) or just by chronological order of enrollment based on available space.  also, since this is the first show for the BAA, I would propose that the artists live or work in belmont to qualify.  (to join, go to : http://belmontart.org/join/  ) Number of pieces/space – perhaps every official member would be given a certain area of wall space Theme – no theme but the BGA and BAA would have the power to veto anything they consider inappropriate for whatever reason.  if some sort of open theme would help give the show continuity, that would be fine, but we want all the BAA artists to be able to participate.  I guess in a way, the theme is “artist of belmont” and I imagine it organized as above – each artist with an area. Sales – offering for sale smaller items as well as artwork – reproductions and cards etc. Commission – I believe the BGA takes a commission. The mission of this show...

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