Susan Kottler

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I grew up in Maine in simpler times. My major career was as a clinical social worker/therapist. I also raised three boys and sometimes worked in real estate. All of these experiences have led me to be an engaged observer.
I have a BA from Bryn Mawr College and an MS from Simmons College. Along with studying photography and art history at Boston University and the New England School of Photography, I have learned a lot from a few talented and generous colleagues.


I’m interested in how people live, what they build, and how they relate to the natural and built environments. We are all descended from the first humans who left Africa and spread out to live in and react to incredibly diverse geographic areas. Through photography I can try to see and then to convey to others what seems important to the people that I encounter, including what in their surroundings matters to them. Puzzling out how diverse people deal with the universal needs and wants of the human condition, and how beauty is experienced across different cultures, presents us with never-ending learning opportunities.

I’m particularly attracted to patterns and juxtapositions of pattern and to layers of use and of time in objects and in scenes. My goals are to draw the viewer into an intricate world of unspecified time, and to show the excitement of the unusual in everyday settings.