Nicole Bernstein

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I am a Belmontian whose art training comes from France where I was born. My work has been exhibited and sold in Asia, North and South America, Australia and Europe. I have had a substantial clientele for portraits, of children, pets, and homes, since age 10.

During my long career I have sold my works through galleries and directly to a clientele often composed of people who attended my Learning and Training Workshops. Those workshops made extensive use of my medical and educational degrees, presenting my own continuously produced artwork as tools of learning and healing.



I like to depict the essence behind the casually visible, hence all my works are portraits, whether cityscapes, landscapes seascapes or life scenes, using mainly water media, mostly watercolors and gouache usually making my own paint from powders, as well as color pencils. Before the existence of digital photography I worked also in film photography. Nowadays, with the advances in digital photography, I have been creating mixed graphic works blending my previous media with my own digital graphic photographic art, sometimes adding poetry I write.



For all works and commissions of portraits and special occasion pieces, please contact me at nicoleartsonpaper  at