Helen Canetta

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I am a French-Hungarian collage painting artist living in the Boston, Massachusetts area. I grew up in Paris, France and moved to the United States as a teenager where I lived in California and Pennsylvania before settling in the Boston area.
A self-taught artist, I quickly discovered the fascinating world of abstract collage painting and adopted it as my own, a territory so totally unchartered and wild that you quickly learn to throw the artistic compass overboard and stop worrying about North and South, you just hold on tight and keep up with the current wherever it may take you.
I have been selling and exhibiting my work at various galleries and venues in and around Boston and I look forward to broaden my audience beyond Massachusetts in the near future.
Strongest artistic influences derive from modern expressionism and include artists such as Egon Schiele, Joan Miro, Paul Klee, Jackson Pollock, Kees van Dongen and Marc Chagall.


I always look forward to the opportunity to meet new people, those who do art, those who appreciate art… Everyone interested in art has an interesting story to tell.
Please visit my website at www.helencanetta.com