Christine Chang

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As an artist, Christine Chang signs her name “c zing c”.  She is originally from New York, but has lived, worked and exhibited in New York, Boston, San Francisco; Dublin, Ireland and Paris, France.
She studied mathematics and art at Smith College.  In addition to being a painter, Christine had professionally been a director and programmer in computer animation and special effects.  She has worked at Don Bluth Studios, R/Greenberg Associates and Pixar. She formed the Belmont Art Association to create community and support for visual artists in the area and currently serves as President.



i paint with oils or acrylics on canvas in a few diverse styles. i am influenced by the compositional aesthetics of photography.  in my landscapes, still life and figure paintings, i carefully frame and crop objects.

i enjoy painting urbanscapes and it seems that throughout my painting career, I have been attracted to rooftop scenes – watertowers in new york, chimneys in ireland and paris and the red roofs of the mediterranean region, but most of all i love the little chimneys that crowd the rooftops and exterior walls of paris buildings, like little groups of creatures (some with hats) gathering to chat.

i recently returned from 2 years in paris and my current work reflects this.  i continue to paint the distinctive parisian rooftops, but also make close-up still lives of the beautiful produce found in the outdoor markets.  i have a new collection which was inspired by the caged birds of the paris bird market.  this series is an extension of my “pet painting” commissions which are based on pet owners’ favorite photos of their animals.