The Belmont Art Association was founded in 2013 as a means of pulling together the arts community in Belmont MA. We strive to provide a resource for ideas, information, and exposure for the many talented artists of our community.

As we are a very young organization, we’d love to hear about ideas that you may have for growing the group. Please feel free to contact us and let us know how we can better serve you. You can also Like us on Facebook!

Administrative Committee

President – Christine Chang
Vice-Presidents – Anne Katzeff and Helen Morse
Secretaries – Jane Wentzell
Membership Coordinator/Treasurer – Rick Corbett
Website Maestros – Anne Katzeff

Communications Committee

Social Media Coordinators – Anne Katzeff
Meetings Coordinator – Naomi Ellenberg-Dukas

Exhibitions/Events Committee:

Savinos Coordinator – Ed Wintner
Art Yearbook Committee – Dari Paquette
Crafts Coordinator – Naomi Ellenberg-Dukas

Need Volunteers!

We have grown to over 40 members.   We need volunteers to step up and take on many other committee “tasks”. Check out the BAA newsletter for details, or reach out and contact one of us. Thanks so much!