Pop Up Studio -updated

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April- June 2017 – 1-2 weeks per month

Karla Cohen with a couple of her paintings.

The BAA is pleased to announce that we have a space for our pop-up studio. This will be a space for members to make art, socialize and display work for sale. The space is in Belmont Center – a new gallery being opened by Karla Cohen, a BAA member. We will hold the pop-up studio

April 21  – May 5  – 2 weeks

May 19  – 26  – 1 week

June 23 – 30  – 1 week

After this, we will try to come to an arrangement with the gallery for continued use of the space for our artists. Looking for demonstration and salon artists.


Only current (paid) BAA members have a right to use the studio space for work (restrictions on materials may apply) and put up their art. Volunteers have priority to use the studio space. Use of the space will be free. The roles are:

  1. STUDIO MANAGERSRick Corbett 
    Coordinate the following volunteers:
  2. CURATORS (2 people)Helen Morse and Mary Lee (with Tom Dorsey)
    In charge of admitting and hanging work. Possibility of multiple exhibits. Arrangements for sharing responsibilities can be made between curators. Determine what the rules are for eligibility. Those giving talks or workshops get priority. Artist can do multiple talks – but others must be given a chance first.
  3. PR managersHelen Morse and Dari Paquette
    Responsible for media blasts with announcements of the studio and our events. Pull together artist blurbs and other info.
  4. PR distributor for Internet and Social mediaAnne Katzeff and Rick Corbett
    Responsible for taking PR from PR managers and distributing on social media.
  5. EVENT coordinatorChristine Chang
    Organize artists for the workshops and talks. Send their bios and pr materials to PR manager. Supervise needs for receptions. Get volunteers to help for these.
  6. SPONSORSHIP managerNaomi Ellenberg-Dukas and Christine Chang
    Get sponsorship of donations and funding from local businesses for food/drink and supplies for events. (We will offer mention, posters, pr, coupons).
  7. WORKSHOP/SALON leaders – Linda Salter, Nicole Bernstein, Erika Hartwieg and more to come hopefully!
    Teach a workshop or do a Salon talk about your artwork/inspirations etc. (show and tell). Contact the Curators if you are interested in facilitating a workshop.

Every BAA member who is present in studio is responsible for being host/salesperson and handling any sales. You are welcome to bring extra work for sale while you are in the studio.


DEMONSTRATIONS– (WED afternoon/eve or Thurs eve):demonstrate your technique, maybe allow audience to try it a little – open to public – drop in – limited space – possibly drop in drop out… free, but donations to BAA accepted. Opportunity to highlight your work. You may bring extra work to show and sell during this time.

PROJECT NIGHT – (FRIDAY 6-9pm): up to 6 artists working at a time – open to the public to WATCH and socialize. bring your project to work on, bring snacks/drink to share, bring music, bring friends.

SUNDAY SALON – (SUN 2-4pm) 3-4 artists present their work, demonstrate techniques, discussions follow. Refreshments served. free, but donations to BAA accepted. Opportunity to highlight your work. You may bring extra work to show and sell during this time.

Gallery Six Thirteen, 68 Leonard Street, Belmont Center