Art show at Marriott Custom House next to Faneuil Hall, Boston, 11/30

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I am passing on this NOTE FROM Biagio Occhino
who is putting together an art show/sale event at the Marriott Custom House next to Faneuil Hall in Boston on Sunday November 30, 2014 (biggest shopping weekend of the year) and am looking for 40 Artists to participate.
Here are the details: [he] found an awesome classy place, the Marriott Custom House next to Faneuil Hall and steps outside the Blue Line T stop off of State St. It’s going to cost me $2500 with all the rental costs, bartender cost, security costs, taxes and fees. This works out to $62.50 per artist and [he is] making 0$ on this just to be 100% clear. For this price you’ll get the following:

    1.  Showcase your art in the famous Marriot Custom House from 1 PM to 8 PM.
      a) Set up from 12 noon to 1 PM and break down after 8 PM, leaving by 9PM.
      b) Since street parking is free on Sunday, and it’s the peak shopping weekend, Faneuil Hall area will be overflowing with shoppers.
    2. he’ll rent out the 2nd and 3rd center open floor areas and the Counting Room.
      a) 13 artists will fit on the 2nd floor open rotunda area.
      b) 18 will fit in the Counting Room, behind the bar area (that why it’s important to rent a bartender; when people drink, they’re more likely to buy Art in a relaxed social setting).
      c) 9 artists will fit on the 3rd floor and this will be where the music is.
      d) I’m trying to even out the foot traffic so all areas get the same chance to makes sales and get noticed.
    3. he’ll work on getting a few classical music players to play for free during our time here, to play in half hour blocks as back fill music. I was told many of the Berkley student might do this for free just so they can get exposure to play in public.
    4.   looking for free help to promote this; it can be any free air play, free mention in the newspaper, and social media sites like Patch, Event Bright, Twitter, Facebook etc. I can post in a ton of groups but we need a lot more than that.
    5.  Looking to see if we should partner this with a local charity to get more publicity?
    6.  Its open and free to the public and we’d get a lot of the 84 Marriott Custom House residents who are, …very well off to um really rich. This is some serious exposure – most of us never get to have exposure to a rich clientele.
    7.  Artist would use a 4 foot wide by 2 feet deep by 6 foot tall area to accommodate a table or easels. We’d like all Artists to sit/stand in front of their area, meaning the table etc. would be against the wall to make better use of more space. You’ll have to provide your own table, small folding chair and/or easels.
    8.  Please contact me via e-mail

    9. Biagio Occhino
      artist @ Blue Cloud Gallery
      713 Broadway, Ball SQ
      Please feel free to forward this to any artist you know. If any of you can offer any free help, I’m open to this.