Minutes of October 2014 meeting

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BAA – meeting Wed Oct 22, 2014



Erika Hartwieg has talked to the Belmont Public Library manager and the BAA will be able to have a rotating exhibit there.  After our meeting, we went up to look at the possible spaces.  Right in the front hallway, above the shelves of videos is a good spot – secure and lit.  There are 4 rectangular areas that can each fit three 16”x20” 2d (landscape format)works.

So that would be 12 works.  Erika will manage the show, but she would like another artist to co-manage with her.    Volunteers please email me.  We will look into a hanging system.   Details will follow.   We need to find out about – receptions and sales.  Exhibiting artists will have to accept that there is no insurance from the library.  We have some members who have information on how your home insurance can cover artwork.

Perhaps our first few shows should be joint BAA shows for everyone to be able to exhibit, and then after that 2 artists per month.



Ed Wintner has volunteered to take over the management of Savinos monthly show.  We will try to negotiate a perk for exhibiting artists.



– We have officially withdrawn from the Wellesley Marketplace waiting list.  I will return the checks to those who had signed up.



Every meeting, starting in November, we will have a few artists present their work.  A brief “show and tell” will allow us all to get to know each other better.  We discussed the idea of art critiques by fellow artists.  It is up to each presenter if they would like feedback or not.  For November, our artist presenters are Ed Wintner, Erika Hartweig and Mathilde Duffy.  Please come!

We also have Helen Morse and Sandrine “Sanya” Colson-Inam for January.





BAA artist demos – for the public – at BMC?  artists sitting around table, doing their (small) art – and people can come and watch and ask questions.



donate artwork to auction.  if sold, you can donate 100%, 75% or 50% of proceeds. Deadline Nov  10  for Auction  in February.  http://www.massart.edu/Support_MassArt/The_MassArt_Auction/Call_For_Art_-_FAQs.html


THEMES for next BAA group show

Some ideas for Themes for our next show:

  • spring in belmont
  • history
  • line
  • now we are 2…
  • water
  • children

Please add any theme ideas and we will vote on it.

Beech St Center was mentioned again as a space we could have a show.  The only “style cramping” thing is that it closes at 4pm…



was mentioned by Mathilde Duffy.  Interesting group of professional artists.  She mentioned them because they used to do a big auction.  https://graphicartistsguild.org/


Another IDEA

go to a paint bar (there is one in belmont) and set up a still life (something accessible like fruit!). everyone can do their own interpretation.  It could be a fundraiser, where we invite spectators and sell the finished paintings for a cause.



the following artists have signed on.:  Carol Wintle, Edward Wintner, Sandrine Colson-Inam, Ian Todreas, Erika Harwieg, Richard Hill, Christine Chang.  if you want to be on the list (or already told me and i forgot…)  please send me an email with 3 high res photos (1000 pixels min) and a photo of yourself and your email address and website address.  also tell me your medium and any specific techniques.  3 sentences of artist statement.