Marinated Chinese Chicken recipe

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As promised, here is the recipe for the chicken served at our “exhibit planning” meeting.

brown 1 whole chicken in dutch oven in 1 tbsp oil

meanwhile, mix together:

–          1/3 cup soy sauce

–          1/3 cup brown sugar

–          ½ cup water

–          1 tbsp catsup

–          ¼ cup dry sherry or apple juice

–          1 garlic clove pressed

–          1 green onion sliced

pour over chicken.  cover, simmer 35-45 mins.

remove chicken to platter, draining juices to pot

skim fat from sauce.

blend together 2 tbsp cornstarch & 1 tbsp water.

stir into sauce, cook stirring constantly until thickened.

spoon some sauce over chicken, sprinkle w/ toasted sesame seed (2 tbsp). (bake in shallow pan 350 degrees 10 mins, stir frequently)

serve w/sauce.

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